Is THIS How David Bowie Manifested His Millions?

Is THIS How David Bowie Manifested His Millions?

by Solomon Shane

If you’ve ever felt like “there was just something about David Bowie” that you couldn’t quite put your finger on…

Something that made him LARGER THAN LIFE, who turned everything he touched into an inspiring work of powerful, emotional, and wealth-creating art…

Something a bit mysterious, like he just knew something he wasn’t sharing, then I’d like to ask you a quick question…

What if you’re absolutely right? What if there really WAS some powerful, hidden knowledge he was using to create these incredible results?

For the first time ever, I’m about to reveal the truth behind some of David Bowie’s lesser-known hobbies…and then, at the end of this brief report, I’ll show you exactly how you can use the same tools he used to manifest anything and everything you could possibly want in life.

On top of being a highly-skilled actor and musician, David Bowie also studied some very ancient, very secret methods of manifestation that have been passed down through time by some of the wisest, richest, and most powerful people who have ever lived.

Just to prove it to you, check out this set of lyrics he wrote in his song “Station To Station”…

Here are we

One magical movement

From Keter to Malkuth

If you’ve ever heard that song and wondered…just what the HECK “Keter” and “Malkuth” are, here’s the truth behind these cryptic lyrics.

They’re references to an ancient manifestation method called The Kabbalah.

Here’s a picture of what the Kabbalah teaches, that will help me explain these mystical Hebrew words:

This powerful image is called the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah system.

According to the ancient Kabbalah masters, it demonstrates the process by which limitless energy becomes physical reality.

Crazy, right?

They claimed that it’s literally a step-by-step MAP of how to create things on the physical plane.

“Keter” is the very top circle on the image—the limitless, boundless, expansive and endless energy that the entire Universe is made of.

They say it filters down through the various circles, using the techniques you can explore more in just a second, until it ends up in the physical plane—“Malkuth.”

See what Bowie is doing?

He believed that he was tapping into the enormously powerful creative source of All That Is…channeling it into his art and music…and using it to launch his career to the absolute heights of stardom and success.

Do you see the good news here?

What if you could follow the same system he was using…to create this kind of incredible abundance for yourself, too?

And he’s far from the only one…

In fact, I just put together this brief presentation on exactly who else has used this system to launch world-shaking careers and manifest stardom and wealth

In the video, I explain the exact tools that people around the world are using to manifest their dreams lives with the Kabbalah.

I even reveal a SUPER-painful (and embarrassing) story about how I figured this all out in the first place!

In Love And Light,


PLUS: By the end of the video, you’ll also understand exactly why the “Law of Attraction” simply DOESN’T work the way it’s advertised…and what some of the “gurus” know but aren’t sharing 🙂

They aren’t very happy with me for putting this video up (it might hurt their business, after all)…

So make sure you click here and watch it before it gets taken down!

How Celebrities Manifest Millions

What if I told you that of all those famous people you see on TV…traveling around the world in private jets, living lives of incredible abundance that most can only dream of…

Didn’t just “get lucky”…

And weren’t only “working really hard” to get where they are?

I mean sure, their lifestyles took an enormous amount of hard work, energy and perseverance to get where they are…

But what if I told you they were also using an ancient manifestation system known as Kabbalah as their “secret weapon” to success, fame, love and wealth?

Would you believe me if I told you that a huge number of “household” names have openly admitted to using this mystical Jewish manifestation system to create the lives of their dreams?

Well…here’s a list of just a tiny fraction of the globally-known celebrities using this powerful system.

And keep in mind…these are just the ones who ADMIT it!

Who knows how many others are using the same system to access their own inner power and manifest…well…whatever they desire?

Here’s the list of who we KNOW is using this system…

  1. Britney Spears
  2. Roseanne Barr
  3. Sandra Bernhard
  4. Anthony Kiedis
  5. Ashton Kutcher
  6. Demi Moore
  7. Mick Jagger
  8. Jerry Hall
  9. Lucy Liu
  10. Alex Rodriguez
  11. Rosie O’Donnell
  12. Naomi Campbell
  13. Donna Karan
  14. Elizabeth Taylor
  15. Mischa Barton
  16. Paris Hilton
  17. Ariana Grande
  18. Nicole Riche
  19. James Van Der Beek
  20. Kyle Richards
  21. Heather McComb
  22. Lindsay Lohan
  23. Napoleon Hill
  24. Neville Goddard
  25. David Bowie

And those are just the ones who ADMIT to using it!

Can you imagine how many others must be using this same system that’s produced so many wealthy, famous, successful and abundant people?

…Or better yet, what your life would look like if YOUR name were on that list, too?

If you’d like to throw away the watered-down “Law of Attraction” material that doesn’t many ANYONE successful (besides the ‘gurus’ selling it)…

Discover the truth of how amazingly powerful you TRULY are, in the deepest core of your own being…

And maybe…just maybe…even join the ranks of the people I’ve listed on this page…

Then check out this quick presentation I just put up, about how the Kabbalah actually works (and how YOU can use its simple, step-by-step tools and techniques to manifest anything and everything you could POSSIBLY want!)

Just be warned…

After you watch the presentation, your life will NOT be the same. You won’t think of your problems, the world, yourself or your place in the Universe in the same way EVER again…

And that’s a GOOD thing. Ready for your spiritual ascension? Ready to learn the secrets of energy and vibration?

Then seriously…check out the video before the “Law of Attraction” gurus force me to take it down!

They’re not happy that I’m giving away the real “Secret” of manifestation…

So I can’t promise it will be up forever.

See You On The Other Side,